Monthly Archives: August 2011

Welcome to The 60’s and 70’s Scoop

Good Morning and Welcome to The 60’s and 70’s Scoop. This Blog has been created by The 60’s and 70’s Scoop to bring us together and unite. We have been taken from our homes, families and lost our culture, traditions and our Language but, we have returned! It only takes a few minutes to get to know us and you will realize that we have a voice and a say to what happens to our futures. Together we can do something to make sure our inherit rights are protected and our voices are made clear. It’s time to take back what was stolen from us.  Our Pride, Our Dignity, Our Love, Our Families, and Set our Spirits Free! Together we are strong, coming together with one unified voice.

We hope that you will find the information that you need to find out:

Who you are

Why This Happened

We hope that you can reunite with your families and be prepared for what might occur and for those of your returning to Canada we hope that you found enough information to get your life restated. If you have any questions please send me a message.