Letters of the 60’s and 70’s Scoop

In the past We have written letters about the 60’s and 70’s Scoop that were sent to Oprah. These are just a few that were submitted for posting. I have removed names. Please do not use these in other blogs without permission.

To: Whom it may concern.

I am turning 50 years old this year. And I have come to a point in my life where I need to have my voice heard tell my story. I am one of many Native children from Canada. Who was scooped up in the 60’s, 70’s. Many of us stripped from our parents Separated from each other. I myself had 2 other siblings. My Sister lives back in Canada. My Brother not sure last place was Ohio. Many people like you have not heard about this it was a hush situation. Brought down to the United States and all over the country this is just coming out. We the children are coming out and speaking finding out the truth.

Hello and Greeting from Canada!

I wanted to tell you about my life and the lives of many people that were affected by this. I was taken from my family during a time in Canada that is now known as the “Sixty Scoop” . They say this was part of the Genocide that occurred with the Aboriginal people of Canada. We were taken from our families and adopted to homes across America and to Europe mainly “White” Families, Losing our families and our culture. We have been greatly affected by the lives that we were given. Many of us were physically, mentally and sexually abused and many were also “Slaves”. I was one of those kids. I have been working bringing us together. I have built groups for us to come and share our knowledge and experiences and I try very hard to help those that have asked me. I try to give positive energy! We want to heal and continue with our lives!

I was in the 70’s scoop…

I was shot by my foster parent’s 16 yr old son…he had been drinking…I was 15 at time of shooting…Police were involved, and I was taken to hospital for bullet extraction…After a few days I was in hospital. The Policeman came and took my STATEMENT…after the statement was given. He then went on and say things like “If you decide to press charges, You’ll have to pay for your own way to court, and you’ll have to pay for your own Lawyer.”….I would guess it didn’t take much to convince a drug induced 15 yr old boy, not to charge…After this I was required to stay at the same Foster home, share the same bedroom as my shooter…He was sleeping only feet away from me…I was never to talk about this incident…Later I tried to get info of shooting from RCMP…They just played DUMB…I asked CFS for my records 2006..they did bring records, but not the ones I wanted to see….So, after reviewing their material…I pulled out a copy of Hospital Records…asked CFS where is this in your files?…They just closed their books quickly and almost ran out of room…I have been living with PTSD ever since incident…I didn’t know how to deal with it, until recently…


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