Steps to Writing Your own Book!

Many 60’s and 70’s Scoop always ask me about this very topic. Listen tonight

Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 09:00 PM

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The Steps To Writing Your Own Book

by Fire Talk Production

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Two Strong ladies come together to tell you what is involved in writing a book and what to expect once it is published.

Messages From My Hands By Mary Beth Egeling

There are forces working within and through our bodies that cannot be seen but unquestionably do exist. The distraction, confusion, and disharmony that define much of our existence over-shadows these subtle intrinsic powers. If we learn to pay attention, we can hear them.

Love-abouts by Mary Beth Egeling

Author Mary Beth Egeling gives, from her family to yours, Love-abouts, a simple and dependable tool for enriching lives and strengthening relationships. You know, one thing I love about you is…


Annie O’Sullivan Author of Can You Hear Me Now? And Can You Hear Me Now Part Two?

This unique memoir is the shocking tale of an abused child.  Ms. O’Sullivan brings the reader on an intimate life journey through the eyes of this child’s confusion,

Mary Beth Egeling,
Annie OSullivan,


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