Monica Wysotski

Monica Wysotski a Mohawk from Akwesasne introduces the 60’s scoop, in the wake of residential schools. Asking to meet with other First Nations people in Canada who share a similar experience with being taken from their homeland and raised in another culture and another identity. She would like to document on film with willing participants what the 60’s scoop share in common with the abuses and harms of residential schools and create a forum for healing.


2 responses to “Monica Wysotski

  1. hi my name is ardis, i just watched the monica wystotski film , i hope that i am replying to the rite person. i am wanting to contact anyone that i can . i beleive that iam from the 60″s scoop . i was adopted out to the states wen i was 7 years old,in 1981 . prior to this i spent most of the time in foster care , wer i was abused physically,and seually , and metally abused. also felt that i was racially discriminated against by the way they wud treat me in foster care ,also wen i was adopted . i feel like, now i dont have any family
    due to being took from my native parents. i left my adopted family wen i was 15 years and went on to be on my own. i did find my native family wen i was 21, it was a very good time , but it was hard to be back, due to my family not knowing me anymore, and it seemed like their was a sense of guilt from my family members , im kinda scared to write this , i feel like im goin to be turned away again , i really started looking into this, after i got a little glimps into a book, ive been reading that has been some what teaching me abuot my culture . i feel that if i can connect with individuals who have been thru the same experience, would really be a start to understanding who i am . i litrally come from a grandmother and father who have birthed 17 children, so i come from a very large family and i have really no relationship with them. i have 5 children and at this point that is the only family that i have. i have visited my family in canada a handful of times. due to me being raised by a sinle mother that was dislexic . she never got my citizen papers done rite , so everytime i try to return to the states its hard for me to get back in , they say that im a citizen in the canada ,but not in the states , even though i was forced over hear . please contact me at salaams73 i know i may have wrote alot above it just felt good to be able to tell someone a little about my story , i tried to leave a contact with another site bout a week ago, and have not been contacted thank you ardis