The Sixties Scoop

Government policies behind the sixties scoop

The Sixties Scoop


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  1. Where does one who was adopted from Winnipeg & not remembered again go to be included in this suit? I was taken away when I was 5 & my family in Canada tried it find me but the agency wouldn’t reveal where I was. My real dad died before I ever got to meet him & he looked for me all my life.

  2. My name is Harold,
    I am a 60’s Scoop survivor and I would like to share my story. I was first placed into foster care here in Manitoba, Canada into a white family, with my sister Judy.
    While in foster care, we were promised to be there for a couple of days, which turned into weeks, months and then years.
    My sister and I were then adopted into a white German family and shipped to the United States of America. I stayed with this family when I turned 21 years old and came back to Canada after I graduated.
    What I think should happen with all 60’s Scoop survivors is hold a workshop where victims can meet and share our experiences.
    The reserve I am from held a workshop, where media got involved and my sister and I were interviewed.