Karen Chevillard – How Do You Mend A Broken Child


by Karen Chevillard on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 12:30pm

From the light of the Creator,

to two souls of the Earth..

A light is born and you are joyous in the birth.

A little light for you to love and protect.

To keep it shining is your biggest quest.

A gentle soul, a loving child,

Someone you love, that makes you smile.

Watching them grow with your prayers to protect,

you hope and pray they will learn respect.

Then a dark spirit enters into their space.

taking away their loving grace.

Tearing asunder a great hope and trust,

using their darkness to obtain their greed and lust.

Broken and crying, you are there to hear,

“Why did they do this, it caused me to fear?”

“Who do I trust, they have done me wrong,

Where do I go, help me be strong”

Broken and crying, you watch them weep,

wanting to help them and the pain makes you weak.

How do you mend a broken child?

Tell me Oh Lord, she is also your child.

For my daughters…

written by: Karen Chevillard

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