Marlene’s Story Poem

Repost – from Coleen Rajotte

Hello, Marlene Orgeron was one of an estimated 3,000 Aboriginal Children adopted to a non-aboriginal home in the 60, 70s and early 80s. She asked me to post this…anyone else care to share?

Intro: I was adopted during the “scoop”. My adoption was not what you call successful. Here are some thoughts that became words and made from pen to paper.

The puss filled leisons you riddled my heart and soul with are no more.
The dried out scabs have flaked off.
The red tender scars have turned pink, then faded to just about flesh tone.
The pain that engulfed my mind and body is now a mere memory.
I have walked on the path of burning hot coals you laid out for me, as my road to self loath and destruction.

BUT somehow, somewhere I found that shadow of a child.
I began to care for her, I held her, I nutured her.
I carried her until she was strong enough to stand.
I held her hand unti she could walk.
I watched in aww as she took off running.

In spite of you, I became strong.
In spite of you , I stopped surviving.
In spite of you, I ‘ve learend to live.

You took my thoughts, my being, my body my life.
BUT no more. I take it back.
I take my heart, my soul, my mind, and my body.
I take it, not to merely survive

Marlene Orgeron 3/10/10

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