Ringo Fiddler Artist

Ringo Fiddler Artist


I was born in Kenora, Ontario but was raised in the community of Sandy Lake First Nation in Ontario.

I’m a self-taught artist, I have been doing this type of art since I was 15 years of age. My art is in the Nature Woodland style.

The meanings behind the images I use in my paintings were told to me by my grandfather and other elders in my community. There are also spiritual meanings to the images used in my paintings.

Here is a brief list of some of the images and colours I use in my paintings and what they represent:

· The Feather represents the love for all of creation, it is also used for communication and many mother ceremonial uses.

· The Loon represents the love for each other as the loon themselves, have only one mate.

· The Wolf Tracks represent strength, bonding, endurance and sharing.

. The Thunderbird represents protection.

. The Stonehead represents the stones used in sweat lodges to communicate with the grandfathers.

The primary colours I use are:

Red – summer

Yellow – spring

Black – spring

White – winter

Blue – Grandfather

Green – Grandmother

Purple – sound of thunder

My paintings come in various sizes from 5ft. x 8ft. to 5x7in.

It depends what size you want, if you want to place an order you can email me, from there I can give you more info on the price range.

Thank you.

© 2004 – 2011  www.ringofiddler.bravehost.com

*Northern Link Card payments are available*


EMAIL ADDRESS: ringofiddler@knet.ca

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