Ontario 60’s scoop lawsuit


Brown v. Canada is litigation to hold the Government of Canada accountable for what is commonly referred to as the “Sixties Scoop” in which First Nations children were taken from their homes and families and placed in the care of non-Aboriginal home and families.

Brown v. Canada was certified or approved as a class action lawsuit by Honourable Justice Perrell in his May 2010 decision then clarified his decision in October 2010.

To participate in and register for this lawsuit, an individual must be eligible. To be eligible, the person must have been:

a. placed for adoption or in a foster home in Ontario;
b. the placements for adoption or in foster home must have occurred between December 1, 1965 and December 31, 1984;
c. the person placed for adoption or in a foster home must be a Canadian Aboriginal; and,
d. the placement for adoption or foster care must have involved placement with non-aboriginal persons.

Self-registration can be made with Alex Hamilton by email at ahamilton@wilsonchristen.com or by phone at             (416) 956-5631      .


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