How To Get Started On Finding Your Family

How to get started on looking for your Family


You must be ready emotionally. When you are searching for someone you must be prepared for every possible outcome. Remember, the person that you are looking for may not be in a place in their lives where they can connect with you. You have to search for closure and answers. Anything else that comes from finding someone should be considered a bonus.


Respect is key. You have to consider that the person that you are searching for may have not shared your existence with other family members and friends. It is so important that you approach the person you are looking for in a confidential and respectful manner. Please NEVER search by calling or writing everyone with the last name of the person that you are looking for and sharing what can be extremely sensitive and confidential information.


You need to know what is legally available to you and what the state laws are for the state that you are searching in.


1. Gather any documents that you have and do not rely on recollection of other family remembers

2. Keep a log of things that you have done to find that person whom you are looking for. Organization is key so that you do not spend unnecessary time and money repeating steps that have you already done

3. LISTEN to your instincts. We all have an inner voice. Listen to yours !

4. If you do not first succeed, try and try again ! Persistence is key. Information is overlooked. Names can be spelled wrong.


8 responses to “How To Get Started On Finding Your Family

  1. I am a 58yr old male who found out this information when Ontario opened its adoption records. All I received was a hospital record of birth to a 17yr.old woman by the name of Bernice Ellen Smith origin French/Indian. No date of birth etc.Born 1953 Grace Hospital Toronto given a name and sent to CAS and adopted. Lied to all those years on original origin. Always knew something more to my backgroung but how do you locate a family with no information to start. How do you find your people be it Metis of First Nation? How?

  2. I was born at the Toronto Grace Hospital, and thru the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto was adopted to a white family in Toronto.

  3. Thankyou for the information. I will try to locate that number and follow up with the CAS towards a Bonded Birth certificate.

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